Thanksgiving ~ September Stats ~ Covid Continues

By: Michelle Makos

Thanksgiving ~ September Stats ~ Covid Continues

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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend,

As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to give you a quick update in the market as well as some exciting information about my website and options.

If you haven't already heard - September was a crazy month - home sales were up 42.3% compared to the same month last year.  Multiple Offers were the norm and Interest Rates remain low.  

Now for even more good news - my website will now allow registered used to see and search SOLDS for anywhere in Toronto and the GTA .. there is a new tab on my site for SOLDS... or you can use this link and start searching the recent SOLDS.  You can choose the area or street or whatever it is.  There are multiple fields to find what you need.
Also I have enhanced the searches for the website to be more user friendly: to make your searching easier and bigger photos etc.  I hope you all enjoy these added benefits and be sure to check them as often as possible when you want to see info (they are also mobile friendly).

On a side note, we are noticing the condo market taking a bit of hit,  especially the Toronto condo market both in leases and sales.  I think the whole Covid thing has scared people off from community spaces (ie. elevators, stairwells, lobby, gym).. and they are now looking to rent homes or buy homes.  Thus pushing up the housing market.  We are seeing many move further and further out of Toronto .... with more and more people working from home, they are finding they want a home with space and backyards and office areas.  Durham Region prices are up huge from last year.   How long this will continue is unknown but usually we do see a slowdown after Thanksgiving as the weather changes.  Who knows what will happen this year.  With interest rates under 2% a lot of people are taking the penalty and refinancing as well.  

If you are thinking of moving, buying or selling and would like some sound advice about what to do, I would be happy to chat.  Email, text or call - 416-300-3004 anytime.

Real estate is your largest investment, work with people who make the process as stress free as possible.  I have a team of mortgage brokers, lawyers, inspectors, etc at my disposal that will work endlessly to get the deals done.  They are always accessible after hours to me and my clients and that makes a huge difference if you are in multiple offers and need an answer at 8 pm at night when the bank is closed.  

As I am typing this I receive a notification that we have 939 more cases of Covid-19.  These are more shutdowns coming.  Open Houses are no longer available.  Masks and Hand Sanitizer are worn to all showings.  Our lives are changed as we knew them. What a year this has been.  2020 is sucking the life out of people.  As we enter Thanksgiving weekend, I want to wish you all a safe and happy weekend however you choose to celebrate it.  This too shall pass and we will deal with it probably more in 2021 than 2020 as the fallout of small businesses and restaurants insurmountable losses become more prevalent.  

Be safe and be grateful.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE !!!  
Your friend in real estate