Pickering is Growing.   Is it too Fast?

By: Michelle Makos

Pickering is Growing. Is it too Fast?

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Hi Everyone !!

If you have been following me on Facebook, you will have seen my many posts about all the new builds and the changes in Pickering.  I am excited about  Durham Live, I think it will be a great addition to Durham Region as a whole, not just Pickeirng.  If you don't know what Durham Live is, check it out HERE.    I think Durham Region needs something like this.  But there is so much going on at the same time, I am concerned about the congestion.  Can our roads and infrastructure handle all this new activity and building.

We have a proposed 53 storey tower going up where up the old Sears Wing is at the Pickering Town Centre.  That is huge.  Is it necessary to be that tall?  I don't know but what a spectacular view it would be from the Penthouse.  :)   We have condos prosposed for down at the bottom of Liverpool Road... still out on that one.  We are just starting to see our waterfront shine these days and now with condos going up, do you think that will take away from the picturesque views we have all walked down there to enjoy and love.  Not to mention, the traffic on Liverpool Rd without an exit on the 401 is a zoo as it is with the Go Station and the new building being completed at San Francisco by the Bay.

Then we hear about another Condo proposal for more towers at Liverpool and Hwy. 2, behind the Old Liverpool House.  Really?  I get Pickering wanting to grow and prosper totally but should we not focus on the roads and transportation first before we overcrowd everything.  There are condos going up on Bayly between Liverpool and Brock on the North side (Universal City) where the old Art Thompson arena used to be.  3 Condos to be exact. Then you have the new condo/towns on Altona Rd. and Whites and Hwy 2.   Holy Moly thats a lot of people and cars !!!  Not to  mention, the homes along Taunton from Mattamy and Seaton .. so where are all these cars going with only 2 exits on the 401 and the ETR407 is so expensive that I can't see people using it regularly.  Here is a recent posts from Mayor Ryan about some changes coming to Pickering - https://www.durhamregion.com/news-story/9517891-pickering-s-new-downtown-will-be-a-legacy-with-bright-future/

I am just curious what your thoughts are?  

I can only hope Pickering is looking into how to open our roads and highways as this is going to be a huge problem moving forward.   I can barely stand driving on the 401 going east anymore and it doens't matter what time of day it is.  It is crazy all the time.  

Don't get me wrong, I love Pickering.  I have raised my family here and loved the community since I moved here and I have watched it change tremondously over the years.  From the days when the Flea Market was in the WalMart plaza at Brock Rd and Hwy 2 and it was dirt floors.  Ok now I feel old.  But we need to think, are we going to fast?  What is we hit an economic downturn?  Then what?  Are all these condos being used as strictly rentals?  Are we going to lose our "Pride of Ownership" and just make it about the almighty dollar.  I am not saying renters don't look after their homes.  But I have seen it in the past, where rentals become run down because the owners don't live there and are more concerned about rent cheques than maintaining the properties.

I just want Pickering to be a great place to raise your family and live.  I think our Services are being over run and are under staffed now.  How will this turn out in 2 to 3 years.  Your guess is probably as good as mine.  But let's not go too fast Pickering, slow and steady wins the race.  I know we have a lot of good people on our Pickering Council who hopefully will read this and also comment on their thoughts.  The residents of Pickering need to learn and attend meetings if they have concerns.

The taxes in Pickering are already huge compared to our neighbours in GTA and where is the  money coming from if we decide to build up our infrastructure and hire more Police, Fire and Ambulance.  I never thought I would be worried about growth but I think we need to think about all these developments and how they are going to move around our wonderful City.

In the meantimes, if you would like any info about Pickering I would be happy to send you any links and info I have.  Have a great October  everyone and remember, I am always here to answer any questions as best I can.

P.S. - The opinions here are my own and no way reflect those of my colleagues and or Royal Heritage Realty Ltd.  Just my thoughts.  :)

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