By: Michelle Makos

Covid 19 & Real Estate

Tags: Covid-19 , Coronavirus, Real Estate, Home Selling, Home Buying

Good morning,

At this time, with everything happening in the World with Covid-19,  I, personally,  will be suspending showing homes or listing them as I feel this is an unprecedented time and who knows how long this will last.   Also there is concern if any of these deals will even close right now with the State of Emergency and the rapidly changing market, layoffs, work closures, etc.  

For the health and safety of my family and not to compromise those who are vulnerable around me, I will be working from home for now.  I think everyone needs to do what makes sense for them and their loved ones.  No judgment.  

Be safe everyone and feel free to email me questions about the market or solds or whatever but just please please please be safe.  This too shall pass and the market will once again rebound and flourish.  I have no doubt of that but for now, I think we need to wait and watch.  

If you are no longer interested in receiving my emails, please just unsubscribe.  I have had some people call and say where did I BUY their email?  I can assure you I don't buy anyone's email.  If I have it in my database, you or someone else entered it to view a property on my website.  If it wasn't you, I apologize and please just subscribe.  I am not in the business to harass or misinform people.  I just do what I do, as best as I can and anyone that has worked with me or knows me, knows this to be true.

Take care everyone and do what works for you and your family .... and I am sure we will be back at it soon enough.  You will still receive emails of solds and new listings if any should happen to match your criteria and I can always make arrangements if you wish to see something with someone else from my office who doesn't feel the same way as I do.   

Kind Regards and Healthy Vibes to All !!